G L O B A L - P A L


Group payments made easy.

Create a group, select your individual items, and pay in one transaction

Quick & Easy Process

Create a group with your friends, take a picture of your receipt and Global-Pal lists all the items. Each person selects what they owe then one person taps their phone or their Global-Pal card. No need to do the math or get separate checks.

Our features

Receipt Scanning

Take a picture of any receipt and instantly itemize everything on your group's bill.

Stripe Integration

Through Stripe Issuing you are provided a virtual card supporting domestic and International payments.

Currency Conversion

Our currency tool can provide conversions for 15+ currencies and allow you to plan spending at your destination.

Payout Options

Pay bills using your built-in credit card or even Apple Pay and WeChat Pay depending on the type of vendor.

Our Platform